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Welcome to Castlenomad.com, the premier online sanctuary for castle enthusiasts and history aficionados. Founded by Quill & Shilling Publishing Co., an Edinburgh-based company specializing in history and culture, we are your one-stop resource for everything related to castles—from their romantic grandeur to their turbulent histories.

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In a world that’s ever-changing, we believe it’s crucial to preserve and appreciate our past. Our mission is to inspire and educate by providing high-quality, research-based content that explores the fascinating worlds enclosed within castle walls. Whether you are an armchair traveler, a student of history, or someone who loves to explore ancient ruins, Castlenomad.com serves as your gateway to the enigmatic and enduring appeal of castles around the globe.

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  • In-Depth Features: Immerse yourself in articles that delve into the histories, architectural marvels, and untold stories of castles.
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Our diverse team comprises history buffs, journalists, and travel experts who are passionate about bringing the allure of castles to a broader audience. Guided by meticulous research and a love for storytelling, we strive to produce content that is both engaging and educational.

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